Review: The Lost and the Found by Cat Clarke

The Lost and The Found by Cat Clarke

I have been waiting for this book for a really long time because as those of you who read my first ever review on this blog know; Cat Clarke is my favourite author. As a relatively new author, she’s only published four novels and one dyslexia friendly story. This is her fifth novel and I have been looking forward to it for an extremely long time. Technically, this book isn’t supposed to be released until Thursday 2nd June but Cat Clarke tweeted that the book had been released into stores early so yesterday I went straight to Waterstones before work and found just one copy sitting on the shelf. That copy then became mine and I finished it today.

The Lost and the Found is told from the point of view of Faith who’s older sister Laurel Logan disappeared thirteen years ago. For those thirteen years Faith has had to deal with her parents who never escaped the tragedy of what happened, the press hounding them for more information and people at school or even in the streets stopping to ask about her sister. Faith finds it difficult to trust anyone because she knows they’re only interested in hearing about Laurel. But then one day they receive a phone call – Laurel is back.

When Cat released ‘A Kiss in the Dark’ I remembered worrying that I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as her first three (I was proved wrong because ‘A Kiss in the Dark’ is absolutely amazing) and I had the same worry when I bought ‘The Lost and the Found’. Not because the ideas for either of these books didn’t sound amazing because they did. I can’t explain it – I just didn’t want to end up being disappointed. And as usual, I wasn’t.

Faith is such a strong and interesting character to read about and Cat’s portrayal of her emotions and thoughts is so realistic that you find yourself forgetting that Faith isn’t actually a real person. It wasn’t just her opinion on Laurel coming back – her thoughts on her boyfriend, her family, the people around her were like a breath of fresh air. I particularly loved her thoughts on her boyfriend (here I go again with the whole romance-hatred thing) but as usual, Cat writes about relationships in realistic terms instead of having two people who barley know each other fall completely in love with each other. The way Cat Clarke writes about relationships is my favourite thing ever because it makes me not hate romance.

I’ve never read a book quite like this one. It has a more ‘grown-up’ vibe than her first four novels but unlike any adult novel I’ve ever attempted to read, this actually held my interest and was a lot easier to follow. The idea is just so original and honestly, completely heart-breaking. I was hooked right from the start and ended up staying up longer than I wanted to yesterday so I could carry on reading. There’s an element of mystery in this book and I think I read somewhere that it was a ‘psychological thriller’, and it honestly worked extremely well.

Also, I tweeted about this and now I need to mention it in this review because it’s so important to me – thank you so much to Cat Clarke for her representation in young adult novels like honestly. Slight spoiler alert I suppose, depends on what you consider a spoiler, but Faith’s Dad is a bisexual. Now, it’s not implied that he’s a bisexual or hinted at, Faith actually says ‘my Dad is a bisexual’ and I honestly think that’s the first time I’ve ever read that a character is genuinely bisexual instead of having little hints or clues towards it, you know? Young Adult novels are getting better at including gay characters but so often other members of the LGBT community are neglected and I am grateful that this was included and wasn’t even a massive part of the story. Her Dad could’ve been gay, straight, bi, trans, whatever, it wouldn’t have mattered to the overall story. I’m honestly very happy about that.

I would honestly recommend this book to literally everyone because I cannot tell you how much of an amazing writer Cat Clarke is and how this book particularly broke my heart. I didn’t think she could make me cry as much as she did after Undone was released but it turns out I was wrong. Either go into your local book store and see if The Lost and the Found is there or wait until June 2nd and order a copy off Amazon! You will not regret it. I promise!


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