Review: If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch

If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch

So I bought this book off Amazon about a week ago ‘cos although I’m halfway through a couple of books I should probably finish, they’re relatively boring and I wanted to read something new. I flicked through Amazon for ages and this one caught my eye so I decided to buy it.

As far as I could tell from the blurb it was about two sisters, Carey and her younger sister Jenessa who live in a trailer in the middle of the woods with their mother who routinely disappears for weeks on end leaving the two girls to look after themselves until one day strangers arrive and everything changes… From that, I thought we’d get a few chapters of the two of them in the woods and the rest would be what happened when the strangers arrive. But the strangers are automatically thrown into the first chapter, before we’ve had a chance to really get to know Carey and Jenessa.

We did hear about Carey and Jenessa’s life in the woods obviously, either from Carey talking about it or from small flashbacks but to be honest I would’ve preferred to have read more about that because it was more interesting than the strangers and the changes going on in Carey and Jenessa’s lives.

Let’s just get this out of the way and I’m gonna ruin this for you and say there is an element of romance between Carey and a boy named Ryan. Overall I guess it wasn’t that irritating. I must admit that when Carey first met him and she was like ‘ohmygodaboyhessocuteithinkilovehim’ I rolled my eyes so many times. Like okay, I get it, she hasn’t really spoken to many boys before but considering her past experiences (read the book to find out) you’d think that maybe she’d be a bit more wary? To be fair, Emily Murdoch doesn’t instantly throw them together and does address Carey’s past and how it effects her relationship with Ryan but it still seems a little too perfect, particularly when Ryan’s talking about his childhood (again, read it to know what I mean). To be fair though, Carey was struggling with other issues and her thoughts weren’t always about Ryan (unlike Maddie in ‘Awaken’ but that’s a whole different story…) and she actually got on with things.

Dean Okay gif

The story itself was okay – a bit upsetting knowing what happened to Jenessa and Carey but didn’t leave me particularly feeling anything afterwards. Carey keeps talking about something that happened in the woods but doesn’t go into detail towards the end which creates an element of mystery and I must admit that I was eager to find out what she was talking about, though I did have some idea of what it would be.

This book is okay, it kept my interest and Carey is an interesting character. I feel like I had higher expectations for this book and I was slightly let down though. If I’d gone into this book not knowing a single thing about it then I think I would’ve enjoyed it more but because I’d built up expectations and hopes for this book it was just slightly disappointing. I guess I’d recommend within this review because it’s a good story, but it’s not a book I’d beg my friends to read.


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