Insidious Chapter 3: Review by Holly Bareham

Insidious Chapter 3 Poster

Right, so Insidious Chapter 3 is kind of like a prequel to the first two Insidious films except it doesn’t follow the story of the Lambert’s. It does give a bit of background to the character Elise but the main story is about a girl named Quinn who visits Elise in the hopes that she can contact her mother who passed away. It doesn’t work and Elise sends her away but soon Quinn realises she’s being targeted by a deadly supernatural entity.

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I enjoyed the first Insidious film, considering I had to watch it on a laptop screen with my two friends. When I saw the second one at the cinema I was really impressed – until I bought my Mom the film for Mothers Day and watched it with her. Whether it was because the film was less impressive when it was on a small screen or because my Mom has a special talent of not following a storyline that isn’t completely linear, I’m not sure. Either way, the trailer for the third film looked good but I didn’t get my hopes up.

The film overall was pretty scary and for most of the final sequence I was hiding behind my hoodie. I don’t think I can blame that on ‘being afraid more of what was going to happen that what did happen’ because I don’t think I could go back to the cinema and watch it by myself. And for the first time in a long time, this film continued to scare me when I’d left the cinema. You know when you first start watching horror films and when the lights go out at night the scenes are replaying in your head? But when you’ve watched quite a few of them it doesn’t happen unless the film is particularly scary. Well that happened for about three nights after I’d watched it.

So yes, I think this film is scary. I think the only reason that I’m not setting out to say ‘wow its amazing’ is because I’m not sure that the story’s quite on point? It kind of feels like they weren’t really sure what point they were trying to get across. We already knew most of the information they were giving us – we know about ‘the further’, we know about the bride in black and why the spirits from ‘the further’ are so angry. If the purpose of this film was to give Elise’s character more background then I think they failed that aspect.

Also, I don’t understand the purpose of Quinn’s friends. That sounds strange but it was almost like they were there either for scares or to prove that Quinn wasn’t a complete loner. After the accident that breaks Quinn’s legs none of her friends bother to visit, though we do get one Skype call from Maggie – and after that call abruptly crashes and ends during a conversation about something that would probably ring alarm bells, Maggie doesn’t appear to bother getting in touch again. And the kid that was advertised in the trailer as being ‘madly in love’ with her mostly stays off the scene as well. Then Elise meets Tucker and Specs, the two men she works with in the original films and you think it’ll be interesting to see how they end up working together. It’s not that interesting. It’s kind of unrealistic and rushed but oh well, that’s how movies work I guess.

I guess the film did hold my interest and it wasn’t like I hated Quinn or Elise, I did want them to succeed. There some extremely effective scary scenes but I think I have a lot of questions that a prequel should really answer for me – maybe the film would’ve been better if they’d stuck with the original director but unfortunately James Wan couldn’t due to a scheduling confliction with ‘Furious Seven’ so Leigh Whannell (Specs) took the job.

Overall, if you’re looking for a horror film that will scare you but that you don’t have to think too deeply about, I would recommend this film. And for people considering watching this film that haven’t seen the original ones, there isn’t a lot you need to know to follow and understand this film. Just ask a friend for a brief summary – that’s all you’ll need.


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