Unfriended: Review by Holly Bareham

Unfriended Poster

Right, I watched this film like last week but I’ve been so busy this past week that I haven’t had the chance to write the review. And maybe I needed some time to decide what my opinion of this film actually was…

I found out about this film because my friend Andrea showed me and Janie the trailer in English and we all thought that it looked amazing so I was practically counting down the days until this film came out. And now I’m really not sure what to think.

The idea was pretty good and the way that the whole film was filmed on a computer screen was an interesting way to film it. I read on iMDB that originally they were filming it scene-by-scene until the actors decided to try and do the whole film in one take and the film was one of the full takes. I thought that was pretty interesting and I guess it made the film look more realistic. I also read that the film was filmed in one house and every actor was just in a different room. I don’t know, I thought all the trivia about the film was interesting.

I’m not entirely sure if we were supposed to feel sorry/like any of the characters because the more I think about it, there wasn’t a single character that I liked. I guess during the film I thought there were a couple of okay characters but then by the end I realised I didn’t like any of them. Was that the point? I’ll never know.

Personally, I thought the film did a good job at keeping the suspense. Maybe sometimes it was overdone. For example, she’d type out a message and sit there for about two minutes straight deciding whether or not to send it until you wanted to scream at her to just make a decision already! It was the same whenever she got a Skype call, she’d definitely take her time deciding if she wanted to accept it or not.

I did like the bit where they were playing ‘never have I ever’ and I loved the tension building between the friends. Also, the scene where Blaire and Adam (I think) both got a piece of paper – which sounds completely uninteresting but if you watch it then it’s a lot better than you think.

I did find it pretty scary though and that’s obviously the intention of the film so maybe overall it was a success. The last ten seconds or so did annoy me because I feel like it took away some of the scares that I had been enjoying for most of the film. I guess you’ll have to judge that for yourself though. If you’re looking to be relatively scared and want to see a new take on the horror genre then I’d recommend this film. I don’t think it’ll knock your socks off or anything though.


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