It Follows: Review by Holly Bareham

It Follows poster

So, my expectations were high for this film. The trailer looked okay and I thought ‘well I like horror films so I’ll go see it’ but I didn’t really think about it too much. Then my film studies teacher showed me a review on BBC Three (Film 2015 I think the programme was called) and they talked about how it was extremely clever and the best horror film, and probably their favourite film of the year. My teacher saw it the night before me and told me she was relatively disappointed but I still held my expectations quite high from the review on the programme.

I really liked the idea itself. Nineteen year old Jay has sex with a guy she’s been dating for a little while, Hugh, and soon finds herself stalked by an entity that can take the form of any person it wants to. ‘It’ will continue to follow her until she passes it on, as Hugh did to her. If it catches her, it will kill her.

My favourite thing about this film is probably the music. It just seemed really strange and it struck me as interesting. However, the fact that the music is my favourite thing about the film probably shows what I thought about the movie.

Dean Chewing gif

It’s not that it was bad! It kept my interest, there were a few jump scares that made me pee myself and then laugh and I thought the way ‘it’ just walked everywhere was pretty creepy. But I have so many questions. I don’t necessarily need the film wrapped up in a neat little bow at the end with every question answered but jeez Louise, I feel like I know hardly anything about ‘it’ or what it’s trying to do or pretty much anything. In a way, I kind of feel like I could’ve just watched the trailer and had the same amount of information that I did after watching the actual film.

Also, I really can’t get over the ending. Obviously I’m not going to give any spoilers but I was waiting for a scene to play after the final scene and received nothing. It was left open and I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t have a million and one questions. Overall I think it just pissed me off more than anything. I feel like if they’d just answered at least one of the many questions I have I’d be a bit happier but they didn’t. They just left me feeling confused and annoyed.

I will say that I thought the acting was good, especially from Maika Monroe who played Jay. I mean, it wasn’t Oscar-worthy but I read a comment somewhere saying that the acting was awful and I have to completely disagree. I’ve seen much worse acting (The Hole comes to mind…).

I’d say, if you want to see a mildly scary horror film then you should totally watch this. If you are someone who watches films and wants every single question answered with no loose strings then don’t watch this film, it’s definitely not for you. If you have a more open approach to film and you want to get into a lengthy discussion with someone then yep, go ahead!


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