Annabelle: Review by Holly Bareham


So I decided to post this review here as well as my horror movie review blog simply because I can. So here is my first horror movie review on this blog!

I’m kind of late reviewing this movie… I always say to myself I’ll post a review the day the film comes out but I don’t. This is because on the day it was released, ‘The Maze Runner’ was also released so I went to see that instead. Then I figured I might as well wait for ‘241 Orange Wednesdays’ and so I have only just seen this film.

Where do I begin? Okay, so at the start of the film I got into a discussion with my friend about how a decent horror movie has to be scary. I told her that there wasn’t a shit horror movie that had managed to scare me and that I was certain this film would be the same. My theory has been torn to shreds by this film.

The film starts out with a few clips from ‘The Conjuring’ which I guess was to just refresh our memories of when we were first introduced to Annabelle. We’re then introduced to Mia and John Gordon who are expecting a baby. As we see in the trailer, John gives the Annabelle doll to Mia as a gift to complete the collection of dolls they have. Obviously, this then leads to supernatural occurrences in their home.

Dean screaming gif

Where do I even begin? I feel like this film didn’t even focus on the Annabelle doll. It was almost like they used her as an excuse to create a completely different film. We learn the kind of origin of Annabelle within the first half-an-hour of the film and then the rest focuses on the lives of Mia and John with little relevance to Annabelle. She is in it obviously but the attention is mostly away from her. This film might as well have not included her really.

On the bright side, the acting wasn’t terrible especially from Annabelle Wallis who played Mia (ironic name, I know). Everyone played their characters believably and it did help me get sucked into the story. However, the acting truly cannot save this film. The timeline seemed a bit rushed – their story begins taking place a year before Ed and Lorraine Warren intervene in ‘The Conjuring’. Everything happens extremely quickly.

I don’t wanna reveal any spoilers because I know how irritating that is but don’t even watch this film and tell me the end wasn’t stupid because it was. I think the film itself could’ve been saved if it had a decent ending but it didn’t, it had one of the worst endings I have ever had to sit through in my life.

Sam and Dean emotional gif

Personally, I think the beginning of the film was great and showed a lot of potential. Once the baby is born though, the entire film goes downhill. I think the reason I found this film so scary was because I watched it at the cinema and because it was the first time I’d watched it so I was more afraid of what could happen than what did happen – if that makes any sense.

If you want to learn the teeniest bit more about Annabelle then I guess I would recommend this film but don’t expect an awful lot. It sucks because the trailer looked absolutely amazing and what we ended up with just wasn’t what I expected.


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