Review: Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie

Girl Missing

I must’ve bought ‘Girl, Missing’ about a year before I actually sat down and read it. Not because I didn’t want to read it or anything but because that’s what I do with books. Buy them and then read about fifty books I’ve already read before and then eventually I will return to the book I’d bought. Anyway, I’m going to start this review by saying that I’m aware there’s a sequel and that I’m also aware I don’t really want to buy it.

The blurb sounded so interesting that I was excited to start reading – “Lauren is adopted and eager to know more about her mysterious past. But when she discovers she may have been snatched from an American family as a baby, her life suddenly feels like a sham. Why will no one answer her questions? How can she find her biological mum and dad? And are her adoptive parents really responsible for kidnapping her? Lauren runs away from her family to find out the truth, but her journey takes her into more and more danger – as she discovers that the people who abducted her are prepared to do anything to keep her silent…”

Dude yes

If that blurb doesn’t get you pumped to read a book then I don’t know what does. However, I don’t think the book itself lived up the hype the blurb portrayed. I was pretty disappointed to be completely honest.

Dude no

I think the biggest letdown was probably the completely unrealistic characters. By the end of the novel I realised I didn’t particularly care about any of them which is probably why I have zero interest in the sequels. The hardest characters to believe definitely have to be Shelby and Sonia – I couldn’t find them believable at all and some of their actions and speech just made me laugh out loud at how pathetic it was.

And I wish I could say there was a big plot twist about her real family but there wasn’t. She figured it out at the beginning, she went to find them, she found them. Just like that. I would’ve been more impressed or surprised if she’d gone there and it had turned out they weren’t her real family. I also feel like everything that happened to Lauren was just made easy for her. Every risk she took was met with an easy escape option which made me want to tear my hair out.

Overall, I was really disappointed with the plot. What could have been a fantastic, interesting, thought-provoking story turned to be a massive mess of unrealistic dialogue, characters and plot. As I said, I definitely won’t be giving the sequels a try anytime soon.


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