Review: Forgotten by Cat Patrick



Okay so my friend read ‘Forgotten’ and told me it was ‘okay’. When I asked for details, all I got was “I didn’t really understand the ending.” So I told her “I’ll read it and see if I can understand it.”

I bought the book and let me tell you, the idea behind it is pretty awesome. It follows the life of London who knows everything that’s going to happen to her in her life but she can’t remember what happened to her yesterday. She knows what she’ll wear tomorrow, and see an argument that won’t happen until that afternoon but she doesn’t know what she ate for dinner that night. She gets by with the help of notes she takes, her Mom and her best friend Jamie. With a plot like that, I couldn’t say no.


It started off well. London’s a likeable character and Cat Patrick’s writing style is pretty cool – easy to follow and interesting to read. It doesn’t take many pages for the love interest to be introduced and we know this is the boy she was talking about on the blurb “I can’t see the boy I adore in my future. But today, I love him. And I never want to forget how much…” Turns out his name is Luke and at first I really like him. We’ll get to that later though.

Overall, I can’t really fault the plot. It kept me gripped until the very end with a plot twist that to be fair, I hadn’t seen coming. It was also really nice to find out why London is the way she is. So many authors give their character some unique power or trait that is never explained and you are left wondering what the point is. As with any book or film containing a plot twist, you need to read it more than once to see what you’ve missed out on. I’m going to be honest though, I’ve only read it once and although I enjoyed it the first time, I’m not sure I’d read it again.

This leads me back to my point about Luke. I’m not entirely sure what the point of him was? That sounds harsh but I feel like he was one of those characters thrown in so that the main character had someone to think about other than herself and her situation. Which I wouldn’t mind but that is literally every YA novel ever. Romantic relationships aren’t the only important relationships. I’m not a fan of romance as I stated in my last review but this was the book that made me physically groaned out loud. Why? Here’s a quote between London and Luke:

Luke: “You and Jamie could have made up or something; you could have gone to your house. I thought I might need to stalk you a little harder.”
London (to herself): ‘A slow smile creeps across my face. The gesture is sweet.’


Furthermore, when a girl says she needs space, you’d give her space. However, Luke decided to be in her face every ten seconds and London decided that these gestures were cute and showed that he cared about her while I sat staring at the book in disgust, resisting the urge to shut it and stop reading.

Overall, I’m glad I kept reading though because, pushing the unnecessary romance aside, the storyline was interesting and at some points emotional. I’d recommend to someone who actually enjoys romance because maybe it was just me that found Luke extremely pretentious?


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